Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Connor Connor
Passed first time
I was so happy to pass my driving test first time with just two minor faults. I really enjoyed learning with Lee. I was encouraged to make my own decisions for the first lesson this has really helped me not just get a good result on my test but made me a confident driver also. Learning with the LDC workbook and online videos has made everything move forward at ease at my own speed. Lee is very calm and relaxed and always makes the lesson go with ease he knows how to get the best out of you I would highly recommend learning to drive with Lee looking forward to now doing my passplus course at the end of the month.

Gary Reed
Passed 1st attempt
My experience with Lee as my instructor was fantastic. He is a very professional instructor and teaches you in a calming way and makes you feel at ease. His teaching techniques are very up to date and how you naturally will drive and way and not in robotic way ike some other I've been with. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lee cook to everyone, what a great guy..........thanks again Lee AAAAAAAA+

1st time pass
Absolutely wonderful instructor. Generally chilled out calm attitude, really really helped me feel confident on my first test and thankfully got a pass first time. I really recommend you learn with Lee.

Lauren Clack Lauren Clack
Passed first Time
Brilliant instructor very patient and friendly, passed first time with just three minors, would recommend to anyone.

Ricky Reeves Ricky Reeves
Passed first time
Covid has been a difficult time for us all. The challenges faced by those wanting to learn to drive have been extraordinary. When faced with these challenges it has been reassuring to find a driving instructor who simply made everything easier. Lee is a great communicator, flexible, knows his stuff and helped my son pass his test first time.

Mark Williams Mark Williams
Passed first time!
Cheapest around, reliable and most friendly people around and understanding to everyone circumstances and catering for everyone deffo recommend to anyone to give them a call and all help for theory also!

Alex MillieAlex Millie
1st time pass
Lee is the most patient driving instructor I know he teaches it in a way that I understand I'm dyslexic and have found lee very calming as i get flustered easy, he lets you try and work it out and will guide you in the situation not shout or gran the wheal and will explain to you what needs to be done so you learn. Couldn’t have done it without you Lee your the most patient instructor out their I’ve learnt so much from you.

Stacey Howe Stacey Howe
1st time pass
Couldn’t recommend anyone better than Lee cook he’s so good at putting you at ease & explaining everything to you if you don’t get it a few times he has so much patience & so easy to talk to, goes above & beyond to help you, I had a first time pass with thanks to him! Great price too!

Dylan Dylan
Passed 1st time
I have really enjoyed my training with Lee my confidence grew with each lesson Lee’s way of teaching really gets you to think of solutions of your own which has only proven to myself that I can drive confident that I can plan and make the right decisions. The LDC Workbook and DVD really put me in control of my learning with the guidance from Lee. I started my training right in the middle of all the lockdowns but Lee kept in touch and made the training continue soon as soon as lessons could resume I was ready to pick up where we left off. I was a bit nervous of taking a driving test in an area that was not our local local centre but Lee was able to make me see that I can drive anywhere. I can’t thank Lee enough for the time and effort he has put into my training.

Stacey Louise Howe
First lessons
I had my second lesson with lee yesterday and he really does make you feel comfortable with asking anything,he explains everything very welI, I learnt more than I thought I would on 1 lesson and lee is very helpful and makes you feel at ease behind the wheel, in only one lesson we managed to learn more than expected last week and yesterday i felt more comfortable behind the wheel already! highly recommend him & great price for what you get for your money..Feeling very confident to pass with him.

Jade Tilley
First lesson
Just had my first driving lesson with Lee and felt comfortable throughout, I learnt more than I expected on 1 lesson Lee is very helpful and professional, in 1 lesson we managed to learn more than expected and I now feel comfortable behind the wheel already. Looking forward to the rest of my lessons.